Turkey’s coming police state Turkey’s new security bill curbs freedom of expression and legalises suppression of dissent.

Orhun Hakan Yalincak

Turkey’s coming police state: Turkey’s new security bill curbs freedom of expression and legalises suppression of dissent.

This is an Article by David Lepeska, a freelance writer based in Istanbul, Turkey and appeared on Aljazeera. The link to the Article can be found here and is worth a read:


*Thoughts and opinions expressed are solely those of the author (David Lepeska). I do not own the copyright. The original can be accessed at the link above.

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Court of Appeal strikes down state immunity rules that prevent embassy employees seeking justice – Diarmuid Laffan

UK Human Rights Blog

SudanBenkharbouche & Anor v Embassy of the Republic of Sudan [2015] EWCA Civ 33, 5th February 2015 – read judgment

This judgment concerned the conjoined appeals of Ms. Benkharbouche and Ms. Janah which arose from employment law claims brought against, respectively, the Sudanese and Libyan embassies. Certain of their claims, such as those for unfair dismissal, were founded on domestic law. Others, such as those under the Working Time Regulations 1998, fell within the scope of EU law. All were met with pleas of state immunity under the State Immunity Act 1978.

The Court of Appeal’s judgment provides a neat illustration of the relative remedial potency, on the one hand of human rights claims based on the European Convention on Human Rights by way of the Human Rights Act 1998, and on the other, those based on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights via the doctrine of ‘horizontal direct…

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Concerns Over the Arrest, Detention and Trials Against Lawyers in Turkey

Original By European Lawyers Promoting Law & Justice (Les Avocats Europeens Pour Le Droit & La Justice) on behalf of Council of Bars & Law Societies of Europe

Found Here:


*Due to certain media restrictions and other freedom of expression issues in Turkey I wish to add: the thoughts and opinions expressed in the letter are solely those of the author (European Lawyers Promoting Law & Justice). My re-blogging/sharing of this Article/Letter does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of the views or opinions contained in the Article/Letter.

The Debate about having a debate about a business and human rights treaty

Castan Centre for Human Rights Law

By Joanna Kyriakakis

The current debate about the desirability of renewing discussions on a UN Business and Human Rights treaty frustrates me a little. There. I said it. I am not referring to conversations about what the substance of any treaty might look like, which will in due course be necessary. Rather, it is opposition to the renewal of treaty efforts at all that I am struggling with. I say this well aware of the political history in this area and, in particular, that the last proposed treaty, the Draft Norms for Transnational Corporations, inspired polarised views.

To provide some background. Following recommendations of the UN Special Representative on Business and Human Rights (SRSG), the UN adopted the Protect, Respect and Remedy Framework (2008) and Guiding Principles (2011) to guide international action on business and human rights. According to this approach, states will commit more strongly to remedying the…

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