Brutish, Blind, Deaf-mute


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Roughly half of the world’s seven billion habitants are women. Both in advanced economies as well as in emerging economies, many women still lack equal opportunities, acknowledgement, protection of governments, institutions, and society. Contrary to biased preconceptions, the issue of gender equality is not a battle of the sexes, or an argument of supremacy over men, it’s a matter of rights for women and men alike.

Why brutish, blind, deaf-mute?

Brutish: gender equality is still far away from becoming a reality. The first step to reduce the gender gap is by eliminating the barriers that exist in education. Although these have been reduced mainly in terms of primary education enrollment, there are still millions of girls and adolescents that cannot go to school. On the other hand, those who can attend, have to endure several obstacles that in multiple occasions force these girls and adolescents to abandon their studies. According…

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