Read Sheryl Sandberg’s Heartfelt Letter About Her Late Husband


Last month, Dave Goldberg, then CEO of tech company SurveyMonkey, and more importantly, husband of top Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg and father of their two children, passed away unexpectedly while on vacation in Mexico.

Dave’s friends and colleagues have since shown an outpouring of sadness, respect, and support with many celebrating his kindness and selflessness as much as his business smarts and leadership. On Monday, at the end of the 30-day religious mourning period in Judaism known as sheloshim, Sandberg posted a note on Facebook, reflecting on her grief and her learnings.

Here are our favorite moments:

“Real empathy is sometimes not insisting that it will be okay but acknowledging that it is not.” Sandberg says she finally understood that telling people facing challenges that “everything will be okay” is not actually helpful. Sometimes, acknowledging what is happening — the pain — is what people truly need.

“Let’s all…

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