Your body’s amazing reaction to water

Featured image: Photo of freediver Hanli Prinsloo by Annelie Pompe.

Writer James Nestor explores the science of the “mammalian dive reflex,” the phenomenon by which water triggers an immediate decrease in heart rate.

In 1949, a stocky Italian air force lieutenant named Raimondo Bucher decided to try a potentially deadly stunt off the coast of Capri, Italy. Bucher would sail out to the center of the lake, take a breath and hold it, and free-dive down one hundred feet to the bottom. Waiting there would be a man in a diving suit. Bucher would hand the diver a package, then kick back up to the surface. If he completed the dive, he’d win a fifty-thousand-lira bet; if he didn’t, he would drown.

Scientists warned Bucher that, according to Boyle’s law, the dive would kill him. Formulated in the 1660s by the Anglo-Irish physicist Robert Boyle, this equation predicted the behavior of gases at…

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Hicks conviction overturned – is he owed an apology or assistance?

Castan Centre for Human Rights Law

ByAdam Fletcher

A United States Military Court’s decision to overturn David Hicks’ conviction for the crime of “material support for terrorism” represents a welcome return to the international rule of law – at least in the US.

I have written previously that material support for terrorism was effectively a “non-crime” at the time of Hicks’ relevant actions. This was not just according to international lawyers, but also according to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, the Obama administration and even the military prosecutors.

As a result, it was simply not tenable for the Military Court to maintain Hicks’ conviction. It had already recently overturned a similar conviction in the case of Sudanese detainee Noor Muhammed.


Australian David Hicks has had his conviction for providing material support to terrorist organisations overturned in the US Australian David Hicks has had his conviction for providing material support to terrorist organisations overturned in the US

Hicks was captured in 2001 and alleged to have aided the Taliban in…

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Troubled Turkish lira continues to tumble, hits 2.60

The Turkish Lira continued to drop to record lows on Thursday, falling to 2.60 against the ever-strengthening US dollar amid a period of intense pressure applied by the government upon the central bank.

Troubled Turkish Lira Continues To Tumble, Hits 2.60

Reporting by Today’s Zaman, one of the few non-Government Turkish newspapers. For a background story about what happened at Today’s Zaman a few months ago, see here: What the Zaman Raid Means for Turkey’s Media

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